Welcome to

Humadroid City

SINCE 2022

Artificial island created in 2022


Welcome to the

AI smarT System

SINCE 2022

The number of individuals with immersive AI embedded in their cellular structure is rising dramatically. On the island of Huma, these human-android hybrids co-exist.

Love all things geeky and want to destress?

We're raising funds towards printing

Huma-Droid City Coloring Book, set in a dystopian future where androids & humans co-exist.

Pre-order this limited edition of the conceptual idea by writer and poet Noemi Martinez.

ABOUT Huma-droid City

Pre-order now for $10 plus s/h

They'll be going for $13 after pre-order price.

The story revolves around a civilization for humans and androids set on the artificial island of Huma. This is where most humans and android beings live, interconnected by a citywide network called the SmarT System. 

Each settlement follows their own patron deity so there are "wind disciples," "mountain home disciples" or even those that follow species from other lands in outer space.

In the island of Huma, human-androids co-exist peacefully. Humans and androids and huma-droids might fight, get sick, die, sing, dance, take care of each other's children.

Upcoming Trams include

Island of Huma, part 5: a series of articles continuing the story, with people becoming android or human, and various other unexpected events.


In the island of Huma: a short story about your visit to Huma where you could get involved in human conflicts and changes in this world.


How to open a food truck in Huma: a tram about what it takes to set up business in this very odd place that started out as a international facility housing humans and huma-droids who couldn't afford AI upgrades & where deemed part of the legacy age.

Upcoming Trams include

The Android's Guide to having a baby: a video that teaches androids how to get pregnant, gestate and carry their children as humans do.


iSituations: Stories in which human-android hybrids coexist peacefully: about how humans and androids or hybrids can overcome conflicts as seen through the eyes of a character who is neither, a sentient AI who goes by iSit for short.

New trams out now

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Join this tram discussion experience

How to make friends with your android neighbor: ways of learning to interact with, and become familiar with, artificially-intelligent beings are shared.

They're smarter than you, faster than you & now you want to date them.

What now? Ethical questions like this can be answered at the tram discussion experience meetings.

Vting us for dTalles.

To pre-order, send $13 for shipping within the US, $15/CAN, $17UK *Other countries & planets, email to get you a cost.

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A copy of the Huma-Droid coloring book plus one of our postcards you can color in
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For those with different access needs, get it in digital format to color digitally or any other way.

Why not both


Get the saddle stitch version & digital version & a postcard along when it's mailed out to you
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